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Services available in-person in Windham, Maine, or distantly via phone, video, email, and mail.


(207) 751-4503

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Master Self-Care ~ Master Your Life

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What is Tranquil Hearth?

Tranquil Hearth is a stop along the way.


It is a space, warm and bright, meant to help you observe the night. Your night, the dark night of your soul and spirit.


Gather round the peaceful hearth space. Gaze into the fire and feel its warmth move through your bones. The fire energizes you from your long, cold, isolated journey.


You begin to talk. You tell the story that is yours and yours alone. It flows from you as a river flows toward the ocean. You have been waiting for the right space to tell this story. A space where you can receive support and reassurance. There is no judgement here. Only compassion and those that see the real you and do not turn away.

As you tell your story, a sense of lightness permeates your being. You feel free, liberated from the darkness that has chained you for so long. With the lightness comes clarity. A sudden dawning of how you need to move forward. Of what is important in your life and what your next steps forward need to be.


You are renewed from this stop along your journey. You are grateful for the listening ears, for the warmth that you will carry back out onto the pathway of your life.


You gift this space with your gratitude and love and you step back out the door to continue your journey. But the warmth, compassion, and support are now your everlasting journey mates.


Tranquil Hearth is a home you carry with you, always.

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My name is Jen. I engage in mentorship relationships with people who want to learn how to take care of themselves in a better way. Here’s how:

  • I provide tools, resources, community, and private sessions to support you as you engage in your self-care journey.

  • I teach you how to use energy work practices and tools to explore and overcome fears and beliefs that hold you back.

  • I teach you how to create your own practices to support self-care and joyful living.


I invite you to gather around the warm and Tranquil Hearth of a self-care community, one that will provide support and guidance on your journey.

Reach out if you would like to join a community that provides support and guidance on your journey to self-care and self-mastery!


(207) 751-4503

Let me share a story...

You want to build your dream house. You purchase land that is perfect but there is an old, crumbling and uneven house foundation already on the site, right where you want to build your new home. You decide to be resourceful and save a few bucks by building your house on top of the old foundation. You finish the house and move in but there is an uneasiness from day one and you can’t seem to feel happy about your accomplishment. Why? It’s your dream house on your dream land? What went wrong?




What you would really do in that situation is have the old house foundation torn out and the rubble carted away, so you can set a new foundation on strong, stable, level earth. That way the uneasiness that your house might collapse at any time is gone because you know the foundation is solid. No underlying fear is sabotaging you and you can truly ENJOY that dream house!


I imagine you’re rolling your eyes at that story. It seems obvious when it comes to building a house. It should be just as obvious when it comes to building a successful and joyful life. Except most of us don’t do it that way. At least, not until the shaky life we built on a shaky foundation starts crumbling around us.

"Deep/Dark" Old Orchard Beach, Maine (c) Jen Bonnett

Let me ask you some questions...

Have anxiety, stress and/or depression been constant companions?

Have you spent years feeling restless and dissatisfied but unable to pinpoint why? 


Have you tried to change things (situations, locations, jobs, relationships) you thought were the problem but had no lasting success?


Do you feel or know that your life can be more fulfilling, more joyful than it is now but you can't see how to get there? 

Do you have a good life but still feel a hollowness inside and a certainty that something is missing?

If any of these sound familiar, consider whether you've built your life on an unstable foundation made up of:

  • Outdated beliefs inherited from family, friends, society and accepted with no thought. 

  • Negative thinking based on fears and insecurities developed from the above-mentioned outdated beliefs.​

  • Behaviors that keep you from authentic relationships and from taking care of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs appropriately.​

  • Lack of understanding of your energy and what affects it.

  • Disconnection from Spirit (the larger web of life also known as God, Higher Consciousness, Source, etc.) and spiritual practices. 


We live in a society that values mind over heart. But that leaves us disconnected from the inner voice of our heart and our higher purpose. For many of us, that leaves us feeling anxious, stressed and/or depressed.

What's the solution?

The Self-Care Journey! This journey helps connect mind and heart in a way that allows balanced action and choices and creates the possibility for deep self-care. Allow me to guide your personal journey to get to know yourself on a deep level, discover and overcome the roadblocks to a joyful life, and teach you how to enjoy sustainable, long-lasting change.

It's time to step into SELF-MASTERY!