Jen Bonnett

I didn’t just wake up one day, suddenly joyful and perfect. I had to go through a lot of effort to get where I am and that’s far from perfect. But I have moved so much junk out of my way and learned to find a stable, peaceful way of responding to the world that feels SO MUCH better than what I was doing before. I think a lot of people could benefit from some help as they attempt a similar self-awareness process and I want to be that help. The best way I can think of to give back and show gratitude for what I’ve learned is to help others do the same.


I am a grounded, practical and efficient person. I don’t like to spend time doing things that don’t work. The practices I use and recommend have significantly helped and changed me. I interact with myself, with others, and with the world in an entirely new and positive way. That is why I’m so passionate about helping you do the same. Below is a list of the things I’ve struggled with in my life that these practices have helped me change or manage. Most of these I have struggled with for at least the past 20 years.


  • Depression, suicidal thoughts, intense fatigue and lethargy

  • Emotional and sexual victimization

  • Lack of healthy boundaries

  • Irritable bowels/chronic digestive issues (I tried several physical changes to my diet with no success. It took resolving emotional issues related to my self-worth before these issues disappeared. There is a lot of research happening out there right now about the connection between the mind and the gut which makes so much sense to me now!)

  • Inauthentic relationships/lost relationships

  • Anxiety and negative self-image/thoughts

  • Headaches and jaw pain related to tension/stress

  • High blood pressure (I was on medication to manage this and was able to stop taking it once I had resolved several long-term emotional issues)

  • Sore neck and back due to stress

  • Compulsions for junk food, alcohol, TV, shopping that kept me from engaging in healthy habits and relationships


I’m not perfect and not all these issues have been adjusted to my satisfaction (and may never be!). I drop back into old habits just like everyone else. The difference for me is that I now have practices to rely on to help me see what I’m doing and make better choices for myself much more quickly than I ever have before. My physical symptoms now serve to put me on notice that there is something with my mental/emotional/spiritual health that I am neglecting and needs attention. I can sit with issues that cause me discomfort, with the willingness to learn what they can teach me. And I can find joy even in those moments of discomfort! I do hope you’ll consider developing a relationship with me, so I can help you find the right mix of practices for you to rely on to master your self-care. 


Shamanic Reiki - Master Teacher (December 2017)

1 Year training by Llyn Roberts & Stacey Gibbons of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, Online

Shamanic Reiki - Master Practitioner (October 2016)

Trained by Llyn Roberts & Stacey Gibbons of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Level I (September 2015) & Level II (February 2016)

Trained by Martha Spruce, RMT, Hearts & Hands, Brunswick, Maine

For my full professional resume, please see my LinkedIn profile. 

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Jen Loves:
  • Teddy Bear, my Great Golden Shepherd (Great Pyrenees, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd) :)

  • Long, meaningful conversations

  • Belly laughs

  • Trying new foods

  • Learning new things

  • Energy!

  • Walks in the woods

  • Watching Ted chase frogs at the quarry

  • Sunshine

  • Working with Tarot & oracle cards

  • Reading

  • Listening to music

  • Creating community

  • The smell of the Maine woods

  • Lingering over dinner and drinks with friends and family

  • Photography

  • Writing

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